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Rock Fanatic Rockcast
Finding undiscovered, unappreciated and underground heavy metal and rock groups.
Category: Metal
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by Owen Tillett
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April 22, 2015 08:37 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast where Independent, Unsigned, Undiscovered bands in the world of Rock and Metal; get showcased on the show we call the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

The Sun is shining (depending on where your located that is), the time to crack open your favorite sodas, beers, cider or just plain water!
The snacks are out and about, scattered around yourself, do you take one more crisp or peanut?
Well whatever your up to, all I can say is; brace yourselves with today’s playlist!
In today’s show; One amazing Symphonic band of the future from one of our favorite countries on the show; Canada. Classic Rock from Brighton that have launched a Pledgemusic campaign!
A New Band from South London that could be the next big thing for any given fan of Alter Bridge or Black Stone Cherry!
A Recommendation from front man of Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians to showcase a brand new band fronted by the lead singer of Blitzkid.
Some Sludge Doom Rock from Florida, Independent Hard Rock from the Capital of Denmark! Female Fronted from Glasgow that are offering their listeners help to fund towards their upcoming EP. Heavy Metal from Belfast, one tune to rule them all!
For the headliners; you want to talk about the future? This quality band from Sheffield, a band that should support any band! My dream concert involving the headliners of today’s Rockcast, to tour with Blackwolf and Massive Wagons!

So that’s the synopsis for today! Let’s Recap the playlist!

Ascendia – At the End of it All
Colour of Noise – Head On
Mordecai – Just One Life
Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight – Your Enemy’s Best Friend
Shroud Eater – Face the Master
Forever Still – Awake the Fire
Splintered Halo – In Control
Ironheart – Revolution Calls
Perfect Crimes – Come Around

If you enjoy any of the bands featured today, go and find them on your favorite social site and follow, like them etc.

Keep it Awesome and I’ll be back next time for a brand new Rockcast!

Take care
Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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April 15, 2015 06:11 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast where Independent, Unsigned, Undiscovered bands in the world of Rock and Metal; get showcased on the show we call the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

After a huge request, a once forgotten series that made its debut last year; makes it return in 2015!
We take a trip to the country of Cyprus!! So sit down on the Rock Fanatic transport of your choice with your favorite drink and snack, let’s hear the future from the chosen country!

We have a band that once worked with Tommy Lee; a band that’ll please any fan of Foo Fighters to Led Zeppelin. We also have some unsigned Doom Death Metal from the Capital. We discover some epic Power Metal that were influenced by the legendary front men of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest! Calling all fans of Helstar or Caldron Born; a band that could become your best friend. Unsigned alternative metal, a band that once appeared at Bloodstock in 2012! Two bands that have been featured in the past; mark their return with new songs from their respective release! A combination of Punk, Rockabilly and swing that are from both capitals of Cyprus and England!…and the headliner: a band that have been around for 31 years; the longest serving band from Cyprus to date!

That’s your taster for today’s rockcast! Let’s go over the playlist in full!

Marianne’s Wish – Bleeding Love
Soulsteal – Focus on your Beasts
Arrayan Path – Midnight and the First Born Massacre
Solitary Sabred – Sarah Lancaster (the Witch’s Breed)
Under the Number – New Born
Blynd – The Chosen Few
Lethal Saint – Prophecy of War
Dark Void – Anger Within
Infected Syren – The B.B.P
Armageddon Rev. 16:16 – Fallen Angels and Lost Souls

If you enjoy of the bands featured, go and support them on their respective social media and of course, buy their music and merchandise!

Next week, we go back to basics! So next time I go around the globe; message where I should head to next?

Keep it Awesome Fanatic Army!
This is Odie the Rock Fanatic signing out!

Take care!

April 08, 2015 09:14 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast where Independent, Unsigned, Undiscovered bands in the world of Rock and Metal; get showcased on the show we call the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

I, the Rock Fanatic has recovered from the dreaded man flu! I thought I was down and out for good until I received messages, tweets the lot for a speedy recovery and thus, I AM BACK, so we need a synopsis for today’s Rockcast! So…

We travel to Austin in Texas for some Hard Rock that was discovered on Bandcamp. We head to Liverpool to check out some Punk, we check out some New Hard Rock from Chicago (and NO don’t sing anything from the musical!), the band emailed the show with their new songs. We also have some metal from Alabama that I discovered via Reverbnation. One of my favorite sub genres makes a return thanks to a band from Denmark. We make a trip back to one of the Rockcast’s favorite countries, Greece; to discover some melodic epic metal! Explosive Rock n Roll from Norway. Awesome Unsigned Heavy Rock from Charlotte and for the headliners; a band that I once played back in 2013, a band that are about to re release their album that I once reviewed in the early days of Youtube!

So Let’s recap the Playlist:

New Disaster – Half Past Redemption
Waster – Graveyard Shift
Kill The Gunman – Everywhere You Go
As a Nation Dies – Ghost
Downfall – Lights Out
Valor – The Crown of Evermore
Suicide Bombers – Bladerunner (Tokyo Nights)
Shadow of Myself – Hail to the Underdog
Jupiter Falls – This Life Ain’t For You

If you enjoy any of the bands featured, why not check them out on various social media and give them some support and help them in the future! See them at gigs, buy merchandise, tell your friends, family and pets etc! Do what you can to support your favorites!

Thank you for listening and supporting the Rockcast!
Take care and keep it awesome!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast

April 01, 2015 06:52 AM PDT

Welcome back to the (*Cough*) Rock Fanatic Rockcast where Independent, Unsigned, Undiscovered bands in the world of Rock and Metal; (*Cough*) get showcased on the show we call the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

NOTE: Apologies in advance as the Rock Fanatic got struck down with a cold and virus, so throughout the show, my voice doesn’t sound normal which was beyond my control at the time. If you dislike the voice and cannot complete this Rockcast; I don’t blame you. It will be back to normal next week and that’s a sure guarantee!..and that’s Asda Price! In fact another side note why did the people tap their arse twice after that catchphrase? Go and youtube it, I’m not joking!!

Going against Doctor Fanatic’s orders of staying in bed with Lemsip, the Rock Fanatic sneaks out of bed to present the latest show regardless of what condition he had!
In this playlist, two Rockcast favorites make swift returns, a band that claimed the Album of the Year last year with an Underrated song from the album. Plus a band from Italy returns with a NEW song from the forthcoming EP.
Unsigned Hard Rock that claim’s the title ‘The UK’s Answer to Black Stone Cherry’. A Promising band from Walsall and Bradford that were both featured on BBC introducing.
We take a trip back to Cyprus with a brand new band that are Modern Thrash, a band guaranteed to get you Fanatics headbanging!
Speaking of Thrash, how about some unsigned Thrash from London!
Post Punk for the future hidden in the UK. Unsigned Heavy Metal from my home county (When we avoid TOWIE stereotypes!)
For the headliners; going back Down Under for a brand new band that were promoted by one of the Rockcast’s favorite promoters.

So that’s the Synopsis, let’s recap the playlist in Full!

Massive Wagons – Truth
Klogr – Breaking Down
Scream Serenity – When The Night Comes
Sunday 44 – Lying in the Sun
Dark Void – Release the Kracken
Detoxen – Shellshock/Bodycount
I, The Lion – Hold Strong
We Are Atlas – Hour of Wolves
Mercury Rising – One Shot
Palace of the King – No Chance In Hell

*Cough* So there you go! If you enjoyed the music and want to support the future? Check them Out today!

Right, I better get back to bed to rest with more Lemsip, in the words of a certain Arnie; I’ll Be Back!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast

March 25, 2015 01:45 PM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast where Independent, Unsigned, Undiscovered bands in the world of Rock and Metal; get showcased on the show we call the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

We start this week’s Rockcast in the country that won the World Cup in 2014, a combination of metal and thrash from Leciester, a band that has a song title named after a beloved Star Wars Character. We take a trip down under for some Heavy Rock, we head over to Michigan for a band that released their debut album back in January. We have some Power Metal from the World Cup Winners, a band that formed not long ago from the Capital. A combo of Grunge, alternative and hard rock from Manchester and for the headliners; a band that supported Chris Jericho and Fozzy in their recent UK tour, melodic hard rock from Denmark.

So that’s your quick synopsis, let’s recap the playlist in full!

We Are Legend – Enemy Within
Internal Conflict – Another Day
Grifter – Princess Leia
Fear is a Liar – A Chance to Wake Up
Forsake the Fallen – Broken World
Evertale – Paladine’s Embrace/In the Sign of the Valiant Warrior
Chasing Ghosts – Everything Changes
The Hyena Kill – In Blood
Malrun – Breaking the Illusion

If you enjoyed any of the bands featured on tonight’s Rockcast, go and check them out via their respective social media!!

Thank you guys for your amazing support and keep it Awesome!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast​

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