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Rock Fanatic Rockcast
Finding undiscovered, unappreciated and underground heavy metal and rock groups.
Category: Metal
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by Owen Tillett
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August 27, 2014 08:30 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast where Independent, Unsigned, Undiscovered bands in the world of Rock and Metal; get showcased on the show!

Its been a year since the launch of the show! With the amazing support from fans and bands alike, the Rock Fanatic has been hard at work to keep the shows strong! So thank you for your support!
In tonight's show, the return of Dani Filth and his NEW band with a NEW song! Artists that are signed with one of my favorite record labels at the moment; one of them being from New Zealand. Return of a Norwegian favorite, Rock from Italy, Punk from Switzerland & Blackpool's Answer to Killswitch Engage!
Great Playlist tonight!
So we have...

Pellek - Friend Like Me (Robin Williams Tribute)
Devilment - Mother Kali
Shadow Killer - Heart of Judas
Alien Ken - Glitter Rambo
Dirty Rockers - Ashes in the Wind
Nasty Rumours - Rats in a Wheel
Ravenface - Beneath the Tides
Fallen Order - Stand Together

Phew another playlist done and dusted! If you enjoyed the artists, make sure you support your favorite ones!!

Thank you for listening and once again for the amazing support!

Keep it Awesome!
Odie (Currently having a Changeover at the moment: watch this Space!)
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August 20, 2014 01:30 AM PDT

Due to Popular Demand, The 'Around the Globe' Series makes a swift return and being challenged by one of the ultimate fanatics. I was challenged to find the next big thing in Africa!

So in that case...
Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast! The Show where Unsigned, Undiscovered and Independent Metal and Rock are showcased on the show!
You want to talk about the future? This is the future in African Rock and Metal!
The playlist is incredible!
Plenty of bands from South Africa as fans are constantly bragging that Seether are the only band from the country...Well I have discovered 4 bands from South Africa that you will want to get ready for! Amazing variety!
Not just South Africa, I have Egypt Thrash Metal, Power Metal in South Africa, Heavy Metal from Botswana, Punk in South Africa, Morocco's Answer the Alter Bridge, Female fronted thrash metal and possibly one of my favorite discoveries hidden in Nairobi, Kenya.

There are plenty more that I could have featured so instead, they will all be reserved for a sequel to this special in the future...Watch this Space!

For now though, get your favorite drinks and snacks, turn up the volume, sit back in your favorite chair and listen to the future located in Africa!

The playlist is as follows:

Four a Penny - Set Me Free
Gorynov - Divide and Conquer
Strident - Above the Ashes
Skinflint - Veya
Crossfire Collision - Heyo
Lazywall - I Raise my Hand
Junkyard Lipstick - Bioterror
Mortal Soul - Solace

BOOM! Now that's a playlist! Haven't heard of these bands? Well you have now! Check them out via Facebook/Twitter etc. and support your favorite ones!!
Time to head back to the Rockcast HQ's to go back to basics next week!
Hope you enjoy the adventure in Africa.

Thanks for listening and keep it Awesome!

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August 13, 2014 07:32 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast! The Show where Unsigned, Undiscovered and Independent Metal and Rock are showcased on the show!

Once again, the playlist contains bands that are destined for the future!
A brand new Rock band from Coventry, UK. Heavy metal from the winners of the world cup this year! A Support band I watched at a recent gig headlined by Massive Wagons. The next Iron Maiden from East Anglia?? Thrash Metal from New Jersey, New Rock from the Northwest of England that sent their music via Facebook and many more!!

Let’s Check the Playlist!

A Tower of Crows – Livewire
Wormbelly – Harriets
Speedbreaker – Black Leather Queen
Exorcism – Higher
The Graphic – Kid
Kaine – Iron Lady
Condition Critical – Parasitic Torment
Bigfoot – Other Side of Paradise

Phew! Make sure you support the bands that you’ve enjoyed on today’s Rockcast!!

Gotta get ready for the next Rockcast! Keep it Awesome Fanatics!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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August 06, 2014 04:31 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast, the show where Unsigned, Undiscovered & independent get showcased on the show! So what does today’s Rockcast offer for your appetite?

A band that emailed me with the Subject: “Undiscover​ed band need help”. A band that I discovered in Ukraine; for fans of a mix of Opeth and Arch Enemy. Punk from Italy, More Horror punk! Unsigned Melodic Deathcore from Leicester. Hard Rock from Boston, thrash metal from the country that gave us the band ‘FireForce’. Unsigned Rock from Manchester and the return of the future of Power Metal!

So turn up the Volume, sit back, relax and drink your favorite!
So let’s check out the Playlist!

Target Renegades – I’m Not Emotional
Azathoth Circle – Burning Eye (Final Illusion)
Leftovers – Last Summer Sucked
Silent Horror – Son of Frankenstein/Drink of your Blood
See No Evil – Blinded
Third Knuckle – Soulmates
Evil Invaders – Driving Fast
The Goddamn Electric – Loyal to the Sinner
Dragonthrone – Twilight of my Dreams

Make sure you check out those fantastic bands!
Thank you for listening to the latest Rockcast!!

See you next time for the next Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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July 30, 2014 05:52 AM PDT

Welcome to the 50th Rockcast!!

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast! Where Unsigned, Undiscovered, Independent artists in the world of Rock and Metal are showcased on the Rockcast!

Can you believe that this is the 50th Show?!
Me and Peter (the Spoken intro guy) attempt to create the ultimate Intro. Did you make it?
Peter said to me that there's a special intro, (I didn't hear it!) Can you spot it?

Armed with 2 bottles of Pepsi Max and Kinder Surprise Eggs, I have delicately chosen the playlist to showcase the ultimate future of my favorite genre! Amazing bands. You will be listening to the future!
We have thrash metal from Poland, More Canadian Metal, another band hidden where the legendary Beatles were formed. Punk from Manchester, a band that I have kept my eye on for AGES and now is the time to unleash them! Power Metal from Down Under and a band that have been the MOST highly requested band that I've never played on the Rockcast!! So much epic-ness that now is the time to hear the latest Rockcast; So grab your favourite snacks, drinks, put your phone on silent, turn up the volume on the speakers and ENJOY!!

Repulsor - Killing Instinct
Shreddy Kruger - Violence
They're Coming To Get You Barbara - Fairytales
Bite the Shark - Goodnight Kiss Kiss
Calling All Astronauts - Hands Up, Who Wants Metal
They Might be Zombies - A Dying Voice
Silent Knight - Masterplan
Game Over - Masters of Control
Skam - Holy City

Now THAT'S a playlist!! Great variety, great bands, if they keep working hard; we'll see them one day at the big 3 of festivals one day in the future!!

Thank you for listening and a SPECIAL thank you for supporting the Rockcast!
Here's to another 50 Rockcasts ahead!

Take care Fanatics and I'll see you next time for a brand new Rock Fanatic Rockcast!!

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July 23, 2014 03:52 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast! Where Unsigned, Undiscovered, Independent artists in the world of Rock and Metal are showcased on the Rockcast!

We are one Rockcast away from #50 but before we get there, I have one playlist that will please anyone that is passionate with their Rock and Metal!!
So grab your favorite Drinks and snacks, sit back, relax and listen to the future!!
We have some melodic metal from Italy, Latvia Thrash Metal, a band I discovered through a NEW site, bands from the US and a triple whammy of Future Canadian Metal! All destined for the Future!

Let’s check out the playlist!

Tothem – Run to You
Sacramental – Bifacial
Tyrant Eyes – Book of Souls/Broken Wings
Final Curse – Biltmore
Divided Me – Severed
Merkabah – Mythomania
Sudden Flames – Pilgrims of Steel
Eclipse Prophecy – Days of Judgement

Great playlist! Make sure you check out if you can!!

I’m outta of Pepsi Max so I will be back next week for the 50th Rock Fanatic Rockcast!
Keep it Awesome and support your favorite Local Artists!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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July 16, 2014 06:55 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast! The show where Unsigned, Independent, Undiscovered, Unappreciated in the world of Metal and Rock are celebrated on the show!

A band with over 3 million likes (but in my opinion)they are underrated. Upcoming bands from Knoxville and Ohio, a band that I recommend for Foo Fighters Fanatics! A band that I couldn't fit into last week's special! Thrash metal from Berlin! A band that are Zombie Hunters from the Lone Star State. Then for the headliners; an unsigned band from Philadelphia where greats from Rocky to Angry Video Game Nerd are from.

Let's grab some drinks and snacks! Sit back and relax!
Here's the playlist!

Seether - Words as Weapons
Steel Eagle - American Standard
Lock Up Laura - Hold My Breath
Until Rain - Think Again
Doctor Smoke - Blood and Whiskey
Space Chaser - Wastecrawler
Black Noize - Dirty Love
Infernal Opera - Emissary of Steel

Make sure you check out the amazing bands played on the latest Rockcast!!

Getting closer to the 50th Rockcast! Make sure you send your spoken intros to the email address as soon as possible!!

Thank you for listening and for the support!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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July 09, 2014 01:54 AM PDT

”Teach me to Dance….Will You?”

“Dance? Did you Say Dance?….Well you’re asking the wrong person, I’m a Rock Fanatic”

“Well then can you teach me how to Rock?….please?”

“…Come on then my Fanatic! Let’s discover the hidden talents in the Country of Greece”

Welcome back to a special Rock Fanatic Rockcast!
Not at HQ’s today as I got a ticket to aboard a plane to visit the European country: AKA Greece.
Greece has wondrous Landmarks and the food is amazing! But this is the Rock Fanatic Rockcast NOT around the world with Michael Palin!
One thing I can teach you is the amazing hidden acts within the country! So grab your favorite drink and snacks as I take you through today’s Special!

Innerwish – No Turning Back
Meden Agan – Divine Wrath
Tales of the Old – Black Witch
After Dusk – Gamma Ray Burst
Wild Kitten – Get Down on my Knees
Fall of Man – Of Incantations and Elixirs
Raw in Sect – Protect
Valor – Choices
Pandora’s Box – Last Time

What a fantastic Playlist! If you enjoy any of those bands! You go and support them and make sure you tell them how you discovered them!

Going back to basics next week!
This is dedicated to all my fans in Greece, thank you for being awesome!

Take care fanatics and I’ll see you next time!!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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July 02, 2014 07:35 AM PDT

Welcome back Fanatics! Welcome to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast where Unsigned, Independent Heavy Metal and Rock hidden away and the Rock Fanatic ventures out to discover them and showcase them to his fans; known as Fanatics!

Fantastic Playlist for this one! Armed with the usual drink or two, Picked up the Kraken Rum as we start the playlist with the best in Pirate Metal!
More Belgium Metal! Two Southern Rock bands that are essential for the UK festivals next year. First time on the Rockcast, a metal band from Slovenia. Head back to California. Discover more female Fronted Metal and to top it all off like the icing on the cake. Power Metal from Yorkshire make a swift return as they released a brand new SONG thanks to achieving their recent goal!

So grab your favorite drinks and snacks, pull up a chair and enjoy the future of Metal and Rock.

Your playlist consist of:

Alestorm – Drink
Swashbuckle – Cruise Ship Terror
Ghost of a Bullet – Intro/Spiral Down
Killcode – Tied
Modern Day Outlaw – Southern State of Mind
Heavy Hands – Swallow Grave
Underground – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Seventh Seeker – Angels Temptation
Sellsword – Battleground

Great playlist and each one of them deserve an extra like and they all earn the ‘bad ass seal of approval’ by the Rock Fanatic!

Also I mention about Massive Wagons and the upcoming album ‘Fight the System’, make sure you preorder it via Amazon and iTunes! The future of UK Rock are back!

Take care Fanatics and I’ll see you next time on the next Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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June 25, 2014 03:38 AM PDT

Welcome back to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast!

No longer a podcast, the show has evolved into a radio show! (imagine playing the Pokémon Evolution music while this is occurring!)
Last week, the show was picked up by our brand new friends from Rock Mauritius Radio so you’ll be hearing the show from there as well!
Right this week I have a triple whammy from Down Under, a band that’s signed with one of my favorite independent record labels, an amazing discovery from Guildford with a Free EP, a band that’s supporting the UK’s Answer to Alter Bridge; Martyr de Mona. Some old friends from Atlanta returning with a new album and a band from Belgium that are the FUTURE of Metal!…and many more!!
With trooper Beer sold out everywhere, I stuck with Pepsi Max, so…
Let’s check out the playlist

Daywalker – Mutiny
Cryptic Abyss – Throne of Hatred
Fire Red Empress – Left Unspoken
Twelve Gauge – Lose Control
Starkill – Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire
Ape Farm – Relapse
Hammerjack – Cards n Whisky
Muckraker – Karmageddon
Fireforce – Highland Charge

Support every band listed and heard on today’s Rockcast! Amazing talent!

Thank you for listening and as always supporting the Rockcast! Keep the suggestions and ideas flowing for future Rockcasts!
Keep it Awesome and I’ll see you next Time!

Rock Fanatic Rockcast
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